An RP blog for an Original Fallout 3/New Vegas Character. A prositute trying to provide for his daughter.

NSFW content to be expected.

Hey I’ve gained a bunch of new followers recently but I’m sorry to inform you guys that I’m not very active here.

You can find me on rexbellorum instead

"Oh yeah. Prostitution is soooo glorious.”

doubletxp replied to your video

HECK YEAH MAN his songs are a huge inspiration for Peppe and I also use him as a voiceclaim aww yeeee


[[yo if you get a bunch of questions from me I’m just sending them out for funsies and you don’t have to send the same amount back but one or two questions in return would be nice and very appreciated but it’s w/e man ]]

For something/someone I love infinitely.

Casey. Always.


For something that keeps my muse calm in a moment of weakness.

Music, man. Doesn’t matter what kind, even if it’s just humming a tune.

For my muse’s theme song.

[[I have so many but…]

This one or this one 


"Can’t I just find a nice person who’s pretty handy around a house and can take care of their own and likes kids and doesn’t want sex all the time and would be content to just cuddle or sit around at home all day and rest and shit?"

☯:For something that keeps my muse calm in a moment of weakness.

"Casey, mostly. Just thinkin about her and knowing that whatever is happenin’, I gotta make it through to take care of her, cause no one else will."